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Alignment with your body

and balance with life

Our YUM YOGA way…



Our mission is to dispel the myth that yoga is only a super bendy, chanty, “weird” thing and instead give people like you an awesome REAL experience to show you that being healthy and well using a yoga mat and other tools can be for everyone.


Our events are EXCLUSIVE! We limit numbers as we want to help you feel comfortable to learn and open up in a small, supportive, accessible environment and learn more about yourself and your body. Our offerings are unique and we regularly tailor events to specifically cater for those new to the world of yoga and wellness.


Life can be so serious! coming to one of our events will leave you feeling inspired, recharged and ready to take on the world! It’s a chance to fill up the tank and connect with yourself in a whole new way


*YAM (pronounced YUM) is the seed mantra of the heart. Our workshops and this page have all been created with this beautiful resonating sound and positive intention of love and sharing in mind. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Tania Morgan

Founder & Creator + Yoga Teacher @ YUM YOGA


Tania Morgan

Founder & Creator + Yoga Teacher @ YUM YOGA

Well, thank YOU so much for visiting the Yum Yoga page and finding out more about us and what we do.

As the Founder & Creator of Yum Yoga, I am extremely passionate about sharing the gift of Yoga. Why? Because I believe that by sharing what we know, we receive more in return [and hey, … who doesn’t want more of that good life stuff?].

First starting Yoga when I was 15, I am constantly exploring and sharing new Yoga knowledge. In our classes, we work in partnership with the body, breath, heart and mind.

I focus on teaching the basics of yoga and also building, adding and playing with new poses [don’t be scared by the word “poses”, … it’s not as scary as it sounds. Promise!] ensuring confidence and safety. You will not only have fun, but be challenged and supported to build strength, flexibility and stamina. Whether it is with me, or another one of our teachers, we will explore and cultivate a deep sense of connection to yourself, deepening awareness and crystalising contentment for translation back into everyday life.

To date, I hold 1040 hours [yes, that’s a whole lot of Yogi hours] of intensive yoga training with the Byron Yoga Centre (an internationally recognised qualification), am a qualified Prenatal Yoga Teacher with Bliss Baby Yoga and most recently, a qualified Kids Yoga Teacher with Rainbow Kids Yoga [as well as having studied with traditional Yoga masters in Nepal].

I aspire to always be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally by the practice and draw inspiration from all of my teachers and my grandmother – a yoga teacher who was far ahead of her time.