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Kinds words shared from students past and present….

heart2You have me loving yoga. Words I never thought I’d ever say!

Jade Wisely 2015

heart2Yum Yoga has become a really special part of my life. Previously my low self esteem and self conscious thoughts were enough to stop me from regularly engaging in yoga practice. I always felt as if other class members were so much more advanced than myself and would feel embarrassed for any teacher to see my limitations when it came to flexibility or endurance. Yum Yoga is a warm and welcoming environment without judgment. Additionally, without even needing to ask a question I feel attended to at all times. Even better, my flexibility, fitness and ability to meditate and reach a state of mindfulness has improved by leaps and bounds. Yum Yoga has allowed me to do something for “ME” and to accept that this is not just okay but absolutely necessary for my health and happiness. Thank you Tania!!! I can’t recommend you or your classes enough.

Manda 2015

heart2I floated out of yoga last night, thank you xx

Penny Smits 2015

heart2We have just completed a yoga class at work and I said to my friend every time I try a new teacher it makes me so thankful that we have you, I think your style is second to none.

Renae Briggs 2015

heart2Yoga has given me a larger respect for my body it has given me peace and appreciation. Yoga makes me feel strong, relaxed and determined at the same time. I feel healthier. Yum Yoga classes are very welcoming, and well organised. I love the pure commitment from the teachers and students. The atmosphere is nothing but positive vibes. No matter what level you are at everyone can really work at their own pace, with variations clearly stated to suit each level. What makes Yum yoga different is the commitment from the teachers, the ongoing support and fantastic communication. I am so grateful to be a part of such an inspiring and positive collection.

Sarah Ebanks

2016   heart2Wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I left feeling absolutely fantastic  – and still do today. I’ve previously done about 3 terms of beginner classes, though broken up over about 5 years. Yesterday was my favourite session. I felt really comfortable and loved the warming atmosphere that we all created (in combination with your beautiful studio!) Very much looking forward to the next session

Jacquline Thompson 2015

heart2“It has been a really lovely experience for my partner and I to both attend Tania’s fantastic classes.  It is a great activity to share together and we can really feel the physical and mental benefits of this style of yoga.  We both seem much more relaxed and James is also enjoying a stronger cycling technique since starting.  Plus I love that he has enough flexibility that he can now sit on the grass with me when we have a picnic!”

Helen and James – Creative Behaviours Studio – 2015

heart2I’d just like to say how much I have enjoyed your class so far! I have already noticed a change in myself and my state of mind. So has my partner! Thank you

Caitlin 2014

heart2I used to be a keen yoga goer until my two kids came along and I lost the motivation. The Exercise Room advertised free trial classes and I jumped at the chance to start again. I went along to Tania’s class and fell in love with it again. My flexibility and balance were completely out of sync but I have almost finished my first term and I’m definitely getting my mojo back. Tania’s class is a real feel good class although she doesn’t let us slacken off by any means. I would highly recommend it to anybody.

Siobhan Caulfield, General Yoga Class 2014

heart2As someone who longed to do Yoga regularly, but struggled to find the time, energy and motivation, I was immediately both addicted and rejuvenated by Tania’s classes. So much so that I haven’t missed a course since! My incredibly busy lifestyle has now blissfully been given some balance, and the benefits (both physical and mental) are both essential and invaluable to me. Meeting, and learning from Tania has given me the means and encouragement to incorporate aspects of yoga into my daily life, and I am loving it!Now I have a husband, and many friends whom also share my love for, and enjoy these classes with me (making Yum Yoga one of my favorite times of the week!).Thanks Tarn

Kelly Griffiths, Student since 2012

heart2Thank you, I just love it. I always walk through the front door so blissed out on a Monday evening after yoga:)

Rosie, Beginner and General Class 2013

heart2“Thank you also for class on Monday, it was really great and I felt amazing! Every Monday I go home in a yogic trance and head to bed early 🙂 … wish I could do it every night!!”

Rebecca Pepplinkhouse

heart2I used your YUM YOGA cards last night. They were great. I found myself in some positions for well over 8 – 10 breaths. Must have really needed it!


Yoga Nidra heart2I had never tried any kind of meditation before and can barely spell it, but when Tania mentioned it at the yoga class I thought, why not, I would give it a go. I didn’t fall asleep at the class but I had the soundest night sleep that night after the meditation. When an Introductory free class was offered I brought two friends along and they both felt fantastic afterwards. I am now slightly addicted and can’t wait for the next class, both my friends are coming too!

Siobhan Caulfield, 2014