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Yoga at Work

Improve your productivity

With 10+ years as a Human Resources Manager, I know how important staff wellbeing and productivity is to an organisation.

Would you like to create an environment with;

  • A positive vibe
  • Reductions in back ache, neck pain, and other aches and pains
  • Reductions in the use of sick leave
  • Mindfulness in communications
  • Positive contributions
  • High engagement
  • Employee wellbeing
  • But most importantly, … fun!
  • Yum Yoga offers custom classes to workplaces all around Melbourne.
  • All classes are taught by an certified and accredited Yoga teacher [all teachers have their own insurances and current first aid certificate]
  • Classes can be done in a meeting room, lunch room, or even outside!
  • We can do them before work, during lunch time, or after home time [our sessions run for one hour] students bring their own mats, and we bring everything else
  • Mat hire option available
  • Flexible investment options to suit
  • Small or large teams

So why don’t you treat the team today and add Yoga as a workplace benefit or subsidise part of the costs to increase workplace participation.

Here at Yum Yoga:

  • We respect and celebrate diversity.
  • We cater for beginners, and those with some Yoga experience.
  • We want people to benefit from the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Yoga and not be freaked out by the “hippy mumbo jumbo” [as some may refer to it, ha!]
  • For this reason, in our Yoga @ work classes, we keep things light and promise you no chanting, no pretzel moves, and a simple Namaste [unless requested by the employer!]

Enquire now about how yoga can improve the productivity of your staff

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